The program

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Act 1

Get started

High school girls and non-binary students learn about behind-the-scenes jobs via interactive seminars led by industry professionals.

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Act 2

Go behind-the-scenes

High school girls and non-binary students apply to this free afterschool program where they learn how shows get made and how crews get paid.

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Act 3

Get paid

Act 3 fellows earn money while gaining hands-on experience in film, TV, and theater in this customized internship.


"Open Stage Project is changing the future of theatrical storytelling by breaking down gender barriers and equipping young women with skills for long-lasting careers in entertainment."

— Susan Hilferty, Wicked costume designer

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The Current Situation

"Theater Jobs Skew White and Male"

— The New York Times

of the top-paid crew jobs on Broadway are held by women. Carpenters (6%), props (24%), electricians (15%), and sound (8%).

(Source: ProductionPro)

female gaffers were employed on Hollywood's top 250 films from 2016-2018.

(Source: USC Annenberg)

of all cinematographers, directors, writers, producers, and editors working on the top 250 films of 2022 were women.

(Source: Celluloid Ceiling)

Our Impact

students served
student trips to shops, shows, and skill-building workshops
hours of pro bono mentorship from female industry leaders

Student Testimonials

Close-up portrait of a smiling female student named Tida with braided hair against a dark background.

"Open Stage Project taught me how to network."

— Tida from Brooklyn, age 16

Close-up portrait of a smiling female student named Karen with long hair, wearing glasses.

"My first time on a film set was amazing! My mentor introduced me to her electrics department, and I learned how a union set runs."

— Karen from Queens, age 17

Close-up portrait of a smiling female student named Gabriela wearing floral top.

"I got hired on my first professional show thanks to Open Stage Project."

— Gabby from Manhattan, age 20

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Broadway Cares - Supporting people affected by HIV/AIDS through the theatrical community.
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