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Costume Designer Jessica Jahn

Wardrobe Supervisor (Local 764 on Broadway)

Maintaining, cleaning, dyeing, pressing, sorting, handling, distributing, hanging, unpacking, repacking, repairing, altering, pre-setting, shopping (as directed), transporting, and the general supervision of all items of costumes, wardrobe, and costume/wardrobe accessories, and assisting in the dressing of and making changes for all performers. Also included are the making, executing, fitting, and re-modeling of such items and other duties incidental to or necessary for the performance of the foregoing as well as any duties associated with the control, disposition, and organization of costumes and wardrobe for their efficient and artistic utilization. Learn more...




A dresser is hired by the Wardrobe Supervisor and is assigned to a cast member or members. They will ensure that all wardrobe items for that cast member are clean, maintained, and preset as needed. During performance they will organize and facilitate quick changes as needed. 


Child Guardians  

In charge of the well being of any minors in the performing cast. Duties start in the rehearsal room and go through the run of the play. The wrangler is the liaison between the parent and the production. They will be with a minor at all times backstage and in the dressing room to ensure their safety. Learn more... 



Sometimes a division of props, sometimes of Wardrobe depending on the particular item. 

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