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House Head Props

In charge of maintaining, setting, and running of all props (any item held or moved by an actor, including elements of furniture).  This also includes any set dressing, which is any non-structural scenic element to the set (think window curtains shelves, phones, placement of tchotchkes and doodads on tables counters, etc.)  They set up tech-tables and are responsible for theater seat maintenance. They are also in charge of hiring their over-hire crew for the load-in/out. Their responsibilities include the cleaning of the set, which means they are in an hour before everyone else for a mop call (vacuum, dust, etc., as required by the production.) Their skills are really varied but include carpentry, furniture making, sewing, painting, firearms.




Pink Props

Hired by show and in charge of props backstage. 

** A note on "pinks" vs "locals"**

"Locals" are employed by the theater owner and represented by IATSE Local One on Broadway. Different cities have different union locals. 

"Pinks" are employed by the producer of the show and represented by the IATSE.




Production Carpenter, Electrician, Sound, and/or Props

Is hired by production management to create a system for respective department throughout a production.  Works with the designer and shops to secure rental of equipment and methods to achieve the designer’s vision for the production. Hires the contract crew(s) to build the show in the shop and plan for the transportation of equipment to the theater. Plans for a maintenance schedule for productions and often stays with a show from its pre-Broadway try-out or workshop through a Broadway run and on to tours and other cities.

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