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Patricia Meadow

Meadow, Patricia_OSP_Headshot.png

Patricia Meadow is a former financial services executive whose highly successful career can be broken down into three distinct phases – first as an international corporate lender, then as a chief corporate administrator, and lastly, as a top banking regulator. She brings deep experience in strategy development, business development, operations expansion and management, human capital management and development, risk management, and regulation and supervision. Patricia is known for her ability to drive and lead through change, to see market trends and emerging risks, and to deliver impact through leadership based on empowerment. 

Patricia is currently serving as an Independent Board Member and Audit Committee Member of BNP Paribas USA Inc. ($148 Billion wholesale and retail bank with its major operations in New York and California). She is also acting as a Financial Stability Advisor to the International Monetary Fund where she is tasked with assessing the financial stability of several central banks on behalf of the Fund. 

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