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Other Positions


Most importantly, producers choose which shows or ideas they are going to bring to life! Producers then raise the money needed to mount a production, hire the personnel in the creative positions (writer, director, designers, composer, and choreographer), and provide final approval over all aspects of the show.

Casting Director

Casting Directors collaborate with producers and directors to cast the best actor for each role. Casting Directors and their staff review agent submissions, create idea lists, and prepare and run audition sessions. They must intimately understand the script and the type of person that the director is interested in casting. Examples:


Press Agent (ATPAM)

An agent employed to establish and maintain good public relations through publicity. This person communicates information to any press outlet (newspaper, website, television news, etc.) on behalf of the show. Broadway Press Agencies include:


Digital marketing companies use social media, video production, and app design as tools to market theatrical productions. They develop and create a “digital” brand on social media and create content for each social media platform, design client websites, and purchase digital advertising on behalf of clients. 



Marketing and advertising agencies work to ensure that the public is aware of a show and that they are excited to purchase tickets. Marketing agencies organize photo shoots for production photos, put together the playbill, design logos, and work closely with digital marketing agencies to promote shows digitally and on social media. They also create and purchase radio and TV ads, organize press events, and create publicity opportunities. All of the banners, TV ads, and taxi toppers that you see every day were designed and purchased by marketing/advertising agencies.

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