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Backstage Jobs

What types of jobs exist backstage?
You can work backstage during each show (usually 8 times per week) or help “put up” a show as a creative team member. Dozens of "office jobs" exist as well - from working at an advertising company to ticketing analytics. 


What does each job do? 

Below is an overview to get you started, but the best way to learn about theater jobs is to DO them and to talk to professionals in the field.

How can I learn more?

Theater is always changing, as are the jobs and requirements of each position. For more information Broadway jobs, visit: 



What is "Broadway"?

Broadway refers to the 41 Broadway houses in midtown Manhattan, NY. Most shows in these houses perform 8 times per week. A "house" is how we refer to each theatre...or theater. Both spellings are acceptable.

Who owns the Broadway theaters?

There are three major theater owners: Shubert, Jujamcyn, and NederlanderLearn more...

There are four not-for-profit theater owners: Manhattan Theatre Club, Roundabout Theatre, Lincoln Center, and 2nd Stage.​ Ambassador Theater Group owns two theaters, and Circle In The Square operates independently.

Where else can I work on Broadway?

You can also work in a “shop,” i.e. a place that provides physical needs for a production. 

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