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Jenny Kane, Local 52


Jenny Kane has worked as an electrician on TV shows, Movies and Commercials for over 30 years, most recently on the TV shows ”Power” and “The Last OG” and the filmed versions of two Broadway shows - “Come From Away” and “Diana - the Musical”. She started out working as a Production Assistant which introduced her to the many job opportunities on a film set before deciding that she was most interested in Set Lighting. She joined IATSE Local 52 in 1990 when there was only a handful of women in the Electric department.  She considers one of the best parts of her job (besides all the Union benefits!) the chance to work "on location" in every neighborhood of the city.  She is also a Co-chair for Local 52's Tradeswomen Committee and wants to encourage young women to consider working in departments such as Electric, Grip and Shopcraft that are under-represented by women.

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