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Front of House

House Manager (ATPAM

The House Manager welcomes audience members and is responsible for all day-to-day operations in the theatre. They also ensure that everyone has a safe, relaxed, and pleasant experience from walk-in to walk-out. They respond to any and all issues pertaining to ticketing, health emergencies, and anything else building-related. Duties include oversight of all front-of-house operations before, during and after performances, coordination, and assistance with the show, and supervision of theatre staff and volunteers (including ushers, cleaning crew, and concessions.) Learn more... 


Ushers (Local 306 

  • Usher: Serves as a general guide for the theatre. Assists patrons to their seats and stands by throughout the entirety of the performance to make sure patrons are following rules of the theatre, but also communicating any patron needs to the house management team. 

  • Director: Serves as a guide to audience members throughout the rest of the house, explaining how to find restrooms, concessions, exits, etc. 

  • Head Usher: Serves as a go-to for the rest of the team of Ushers. 

  • Ticket taker: Responsible for scanning/counting the ticketed patrons that are allowed into the house.

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Box Office

Local 751 represents qualified and professional Box Office personnel within the jurisdiction of New York City. The 500 men and women of the Treasurers & Ticket Sellers Union work in the Box Offices of over 60 venues.  From its inception, the Union has worked closely with venue owners and producers, thus enabling management to avail itself of the expert workforce that is Local 751.

Engineer (Local 30)  

Local 30 members are the engineers and mechanics that maintain the critical facilities our region depends on. They operate the power plants that sustain homes and businesses, power the health care facilities that keep our communities healthy, energize the stadiums, arenas, and gaming facilities that boost local economies, maintain higher education facilities that cultivate future leaders and support commercial, retail and residential infrastructure that create communities. Learn more... 

Local 32BJ

Local 32BJ members help maintain Broadway theaters as well as Yankees Stadium, Citi Field, and Barclays Arena. The union also includes cleaners in schools, airports, and security guards.  Learn more...

  • Porter: Cleaning staff on-site during the day and after the performance. They relay any cleaning issues to House Management and help clean any emergency mishaps. They also maintain the communal spaces throughout the performance.

  • Cleaner: The cleaners are present after the performance and handle the regular cleaning of the theatre, house, and restrooms. 

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