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House Head Carpenter

Employed by theater owner. In New York, House Heads "Carps" are members of Local 1. Works on each and every show that comes into that theatre. In charge of hiring of carpenter crew. Oversees the installation, maintenance, and removal of physical elements of scenic design.  Skills include carpentry, welding, knots. They are also in charge of hiring their over-hire crew for the load-ins/outs. They do the payroll for all "local" carpenters. Learn more about Local 1.

Pink Carpenter

Employed by the Producers under a Pink Contract under the IATSE. 

They work with the designers in preproduction and then in conjunction with the House Head to bring in the scenic elements of the Production and maintain and run the show. When the show closes, their contract finishes. 


In charge of scenic elements that are flown – i.e. come in and out above the stage via a counterweight fly system or hemp system. A series of weights and pulleys allow heavy pieces of scenery to be moved easily and safely above the stage by pulling on ropes. 


Installs scenic elements flown in the space above the stage from the grid. They do not necessarily work on the show after the scenery is installed. 

Automation Operator

"Deck" or "Flown" is any moving piece of scenery operated via a computer. The Automation operator can program and run software that controls moving elements via motorized winches, sometimes hydraulics, pneumatics, or other mechanical means. 

Deck could include travelers either soft drapes or framed scenery as well as elevators and tracks that move furniture or pallets.

Flown could include moving pieces too heavy to be flown by hand or when multiple pieces need to move in unison.

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